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The Farm

There is always something going on at our farm and we have many areas of focus. Here are just some of the activities beneficiaries and wellbeing day attendees can be involved with…

Our Mission

Animal Care

All animals are either rescues or born on the farm. We ensure they have a free-roaming, happy life with plenty of care. We also understand that activities such as horse grooming can be very calming for some whereas interaction with our friendly animals can help people connect with nature and feel at ease. We currently have poultry, lamas, horses, goats and sheep living peacefully with us.

chilli and tomato harvest

Planting & Growing

Home-grown food is more important than ever. Many of the fruits and vegetables grown on the farm are used in our range of jams and sauces which, in turn, bring money back in to the charity. It’s a wonderful cycle. We help beneficiaries experience the seed-to-table process and all that’s required to successfully grow plants.

“Agriculture is our wisest persuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness”
- Thomas Jefferson

Our Mission


Honey bees are very important. They are pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables which means that they help other plants grow. We currently have eight hives which produce honey. Beneficiaries can experience first-hand beekeeping and learn of their importance to our ecology.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Forest School

The natural treeline and wooded areas of the farm need regular upkeep. Beneficiaries can learn how to safely and sustainably fell trees, cut, treat and store wood for fuel. Replanting is equally important. We can also teach fire and shelter building along with foraging.

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission

The Red Chilli Kitchen

Almost every chilli we grow at the farm finds its way to our Red Chilli Kitchen. It’s here we produce a range of delicious sauces, jams and chutneys. Much of the other produce we grow at the farm is used in these products thus keeping our carbon footprint low and encouraging sustainable growing practices. Profits from the finished products go back into the charity. You can show your support and buy online via this website!

Farmhouse kitchen

The Farm House

The farmhouse plays an important role to the charity. It provides a warm, dry teaching environment for those attending our wellbeing days. Situated within the grounds of this history-steeped house is a pool and two hot tubs, both of which are used to assist wellbeing attendees with relaxation and gentle exercise in hope of improving mental wellbeing.

Spice & Chilli Workshops

As part of our wellbeing packages, we offer chilli growing and/or spice blending workshops. Both of these activities are also available to the public as bookable events. We tend to offer the chilli growing workshops in line with the seed planting and germination season in the UK (January to April) whereas the spice blending workshops are available all year round.

harissa paste

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