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Planting & Growing

We encourage sustainable farming practices and emphasise the importance of growing food, planting trees and shrubbery. Beneficiaries of the charity can experience hands-on learning and witness the (literal) fruits of their labour. Scroll down to find out more…

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul”
- Linda Solegato

Planting & Growing in detail

At the farm education and the experience are combined holistically. Using the outdoors, nature, growing & animal care, the charity aims to provide anyone that has a barrier to progression in life, (physically, mentally, or socially) with the opportunity to work through & beyond those barriers via an individualised program. Redefining someone’s ability, and dispelling self-limiting beliefs leads naturally to confidence thus turning can’t in to can.       


Everyone engaging with the daily routines and projects taking place at the farm, Will benefit not only in accordance with a personalised programme of education (work placement or social care) but also as a person, becoming a valued member of a team.  

Whether engaged in growing chillies or market garden produce, bushcraft, or forest school, just being outdoors in wide open green space is good for you. connecting and grounding with the soil physically, listening, to the sound of nature while working, and developing skills for work & life. This is what we are about. The pace of personal growth attunes with the cycles of nature, its not just the plants and trees that are growing at the farm.  

Cultivating ambition and the work ethic to support it is a core value here at the farm. Whilst there is plenty of time for enjoying the outdoors there is also a lot of work to be done! Growing is a vital and sustainable industry that spans a full year’s worth of endeavour and commitment. Every season brings with it its workload. Anyone who comes to the farm can join in that endeavour at any time of year. There is always plenty to do. 

This naturally leads to real life employment opportunities and we now proudly have three students working  full and part time at the farm providing inspiration and ambition to the other students that may want to be the next in line.  


Creativity and self-expression are important personal values that we actively encourage here at the farm. Having the freedom to try an idea, create a project, design, and build, this is the magic. Possibility, and the willingness to try, along with the tenacity to keep trying again and again through failure to success. Being able to work from vision to tangible creation creates the power of can, which fuels and unlocks personal potential. Everyone needs a moment to shine. Here at the farm there are so many opportunities to create those specaial moments. 

However, the best place to witness the positive impact on an individual at the farm is at the end of the day, sat around a campfire with the team. The easy gentle conversations, laughs and reflections while staring hypnotically into the soft dancing flames and wistful upward winding smoke, simply content with a good day done.  


One of the simplest ways your can support us is by sponsoring a fruit tree or Christmas tree. Click here to find out more!

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