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Sponsor a tree

How to sponsor a Christmas tree

Sponsoring a tree is easy and a great way to support Uncle Paul's Chilli Charity whilst ensuring you have a tree for the festival season!


Complete the order form below

Provide your details by filling in the form below. Don't forget to give your tree a name!

Collect your tree between 1st - 21st December 2023


Your tree will be available to collect from Butcombe Farm between these dates. The tree will be potted and ready to decorate! We expect the average tree height for 2023 to be 3' (36" / 91.4cm)


Return your tree by 15th January 2024

Once you are finished with your tree, remove all decorations and return it to us. We'll then care for the tree and help it to continue growing ready for the next holiday season.

How to sponsor a fruit tree

Sponsoring a fruit tree is a brillant way to support us. You sponsorship allows us to purchase, plant and maintain a tree for a year. It gives our charity beneficiaries a wonderful sense of accomplishment as they get to see their trees grow and even pick the fruit when in season. We then use much of the fruit in our selection of jams, sauces, preserves and chutneys available to purchase in our shop. The proceeds of which go back to the charity.

All you need to do it complete the form below & don't forget to give your tree a name! We'll take care of the rest and make sure your tree has your name on it.

Sponsor a fruit tree or Christmas tree for just £30 per year

Show your support and ensure you have a tree for 2023!


Christmas Tree Thin
Select an item (£)

Thank you for your support! We'll be in touch very soon!

Picking Apples in Orchard

“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed."
- Ann Garnett Schultz

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