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What we do

We have three main areas of focus at Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity:

Education, Wellbeing and Social Prescribing. 

Our Mission


Every beneficiary of our charity can learn or improve skills when visiting the farm. We offer the opportunity to understand nature using highly experienced and knowledgeable staff and volunteers.  Forestry skills, fruit and vegetable growing, ground keeping, sustainable farming practices, beekeeping and animal care are just some of the areas in which beneficiaries can be involved. We enjoy working with educational organisations to help provide an alternative, natural classroom.



Mental health and wellbeing has become a strong focus for many over the past few years. The stigmas surrounding our mental health are lifting and more people are seeking out ways to improve their wellbeing. Since COVID-19, the ONS has reported low ratings of personal wellbeing across the UK. Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity offers opportunities to enjoy a wholesome, natural landscape along with activities designed to help relax or refocus the mind. Whether it’s spending time in one of our hot tubs or pool, learning about spices and cooking, looking after horses, plant growing & gardening, beekeeping or simply wondering the 40 acre area and taking in some breath-taking views whilst connecting with nature, we offer a number of wellbeing activities to those in need.

Social Prescribing

Whether a person has been referred or has self-referred, social prescribing helps support our community and can improve a person’s health and wellbeing. A recent study by the National Institute Health & Care Research found that social prescribing schemes increase patients’ confidence, motivation and the skills to manage their own wellbeing. It has also been known to help addresses non-medical needs such as loneliness and financial difficulties. We understand that being in an open, wholesome environment can be of great benefit to many. There is always something to do at the farm and we offer opportunities for people to come along and find something that may assist them, all whilst helping us keep the charity running.

Gardening Team

Chilli Growing

It's in our name! We love growing chillies and, whilst we use many of them for our delicious sauces, jams, chutneys and rubs, we also grow for other companies. If you need chillies for your business, click the button below to read more abour what we do and how we can help.

We Need Your Support Today!

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